Sunday, January 9, 2011

Purikuras -7/1/2011- ( *´∀`*)

I'm sorry that i'm not uploading as much now. >A<;;
*School stuff makes me go mad*

Recently there's some new machines , so we decided to try it out.
And the effects are so loved !

I personally love this one the best ~~ ♥
(because this one , the main lead is ME !!Pffft---)
So yeah , though it is troublesome (the machine only accepts yen) ,
but the effects inscludes the changing of hair colour , eye size , etc.
I soo love the effects.

PS: Best thing is , i saw so many adorable gyarus there. =3=
Well , i'm just weird , because i love looking at pretty girls . 8'D

*O* I look weird in this one
But my other friends looked awesome ♥
(well , they always look good to me ~)

PS: The main girl here is called Natassja ~

For this machine , the lighting's kinda dark , so its not really to my taste. *O*
But my friends liked it ~
Oh well ~ xD

My friend havent scan this into the computer , but still , i wanna show it ~
(I used my webcam , so the quality is like BLEH)
This is the same machine with the first one (the one that i'm main in)
And as you can see , I LOVE THIS MACHINE SO MUCH !

The wordings , the frame , all so lacey and pink .
-Lightings are awesome too-

The main girl here is called Xiaowen ~
She's so pretty even without makeup. ♥

Here's how my recent nails look like ~
Using the webcam , spoils the quality / look of the nails. *O*

I will be sure to post more for this blog !! xD
I guess i will be posting my new hair colour soon ~
(Brown x Blonde)
Just brown alone is too boring for me .
Pffft-- I just love the mix between Brown and Blonde.
And since my hair's like growing so fast , maybe i will get a new haircut and stuff ~
(As you can see from my purikuras , my fringe is covering my eyes TT^TT)
     Tata ~

Friday, December 24, 2010

『Eggギャル』 ★ 「Gyaru Look Tutorial」

『Eggギャル』 ★ 「Gyaru Look Tutorial」

Want to achieve this look? Watch the tutorial ! xD

Here's my new tutorial ~
I hope you guys will like it !! xDD

I was inspired by an egg model , but i dont really remember her name .. So.. YEAH. >A<

Tada ,

Thursday, December 23, 2010

New nails ★

Yays for new nails ~
Thanks to the video i was shown.
I was inspired to do a pink x black nail pattern.
And i think it looked pretty neat. (*´д`*)

Oh yeah the video tutorial's dollywink lashes packaging inspired.
So thats why i looks kinda like dollywink packaging. <3
It looks so adorable that i can't help but do it ~ xD
-even though my nail's not long yet- ( ´艸`)

If you love dollywink as much as me , i think you should totally try this nail out.
Its sure to look super cute after you finish ~

PS: I'm not really that great at doing nails ,
so .. pardon me if it doesnt suit your taste. m(_ _)m

I only did this nail because i'm celebrating Christmas tomorrow ~

I will also be doing another tutorial for my look tomorrow ~ xD
So look forward to it !!
(It might not be the best but... YEAH)

Byebye ~~

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Uta-chan's first tutorial . xDD

Yays !! My first tutorial's up.
I guess next time i will use pictures instead of videos. TT^TT
Because the quality's bad. *O*

But i still hope it is helpful to people !! xD
So good luck trying out the look.
Hmmm , this video's kinda fast . (I was matching the music)
So if you have anything you don't understand or it is unclear , you can ask me here or in youtube. <3

Thats all !! xDD

Seeya ,

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

☆ Introduction For Uta's Gyaru Tutorials ☆

Wees, yays people !!
I'm going to upload a tutorial for my daily makeup tomorrow ~~
(Because i'm going out tomorrow O(≧∇≦)o )

So yeah , heres an introduction video on the styles i will be doing for my tutorials. xDD
(Waii , i'm in it~~)

SO~ ~~ As you can see , i will be taking up Tsubasa , Kumickey and Nana's way of makeup.
Stay tuned for the tutorials coming up , yeah?

Tada ,

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dollywink inspired nails ✿

Heya people , today as i was checking my mails in my inbox , i saw this comment that a kind lady gave me.
And she gave lots of really useful comments on my make up and nails.
So yeah , she said that this video might probably be useful for me.
And after i watched it , i fell in love with the nail pattern ~ <3
Its a dollywink package inspired nail pattern.
But i might not do this nail first , because i just cut my nails recently. TT^TT
(Might have to wait for my nails to grow first)

So if you are using dollywink lashes , you might want to give this nail a try.
It looks really sweet to me.And it doesnt require much accessories.
(I cant almost find all the stuff i need in my house without buying anything else)

PS: I personally love the bow the best ~~ ❤

Then i happened to see this video in the "recommended videos"
LOL !!
Now i'm thinking of which to do ~
Hmm , maybe after i finish the nails , i will post up some photos on it . xDD


Saturday, December 18, 2010

( ´艸`) Christmas preparation

Recently i found this online photo editor , and i had fun editing my photos with it.
Will upload more photos that i edit <3

So yeah , i will be uploading two tutorials soon.
I decided on the themes "Christmas" & "Mickey" .
Because i will be having a Christmas party with my relatives, so i thought of doing one tutorial on that , since Christmas is nearing.
And for the "Mickey" theme , its because last time i bought this Mickey ear hair accessory.
Hadnt been able to use it , so i was thinking maybe i can do a tutorial based on Mickey ~ <3

For the past two days , i have been posting on "Everyday Gyaru LiveJournal"
Though i'm really new to that site , but everyone gives really sweet comments, so i will keep posting more on that site ~

And looking at other gyaru's makeup / styles/ clothings makes me really happy !! xD
I mean , all of them are so pretty ~

So.. yeah , oh , and for the Mickey tutorial , i will upload to my gyaru youtube channel ~ *w*bb

Youtube :

So , thats it for today ~ 8D


(´ー`) Uta's prom night

Alrights , so .. here's some of my photos during my prom night ~ <3

Thanks to the hairstylist natassja recommended me , i had a nice hairdo that night. *A*

Everyone looked so pretty , manz.. that was the best night with my schoolmates ~ <3

Pardon my unglam eating face. *O*

Spent the night at my friend's house.

The two best friends that i've ever had. <3

Here's my dress for the dinner ~
Really love the crystals on the dress and the necklace was a nice touch to it.
Overall , i think it matched the theme quite well.
(Glitter and glamorous)

Ohh !! And yeah !! I love the hairdo soo much.
Even when we prepare to go out to eat, i dont really have to change much things.
Just a change of clothes and hairdo , you can achieve a casual look too. <3

This is my nail for the night <3
Its very simple , because i'm not really a pro in doing nail art.

Pfft , i gotta love this photo ~ <3
Its just like the before and after photo. xDD;;
(Makeup makes wonder)

Whew , all these photos brings back memories ~
(The dinner's on 23rd nov)

PS: If you ever do happen to like my makeup for the dinner , do tell me ~
I can do a tutorial on it.
(Currently have no idea what kind of tutorials to do)

Tada ,

Friday, December 17, 2010

( っ ' ▽ ' )つ Uta goes shopping with her mum ~

 Heya people , Uta's back with the blogging ~ ☆
So yeah , i went shopping with my mum today and i'm so glad i saw so many awesome clothes there.
I mean , yeah , i needa get a job soon !! ;A;
For the sake of all the pretty things i saw there.
*Currently obsessed with pink and cute stuff*

I mean , god , i saw the dollywink nail polish at the shop and so much canmake cosmestics there. *O*
I was so tempted to buy all of them !! ==;;;
But I didnt want to waste so much money.
(I don't even have a job , because of my hair colour)

For my make up this time round, its super easy ~

So , what i did was .... (I described the look in my previous post~ So i wont repeat.)
LOL ! How lazy can i get.
Aww , but yeah , i used dollywink lashes , for both upper and lower lashes.
Its awesome and its really comfortable.
You guys should really give it a try.
(All of dollywink's products makes me go KYAAA~)

I just love the lower lashes ~ It looks natural yet so sweet.

Mhmm , i was using my "Sweet Brown" circle lens here.
And to match my clothes , i used a purple and blue eyeshadow for a candy-like look. *O*
I mean usually , i do my make up base on the clothes i'm wearing.
So i will recommend you guys to wear the clothes first before doing your make up.

It makes things MUCH easier.             

So... this is my clothes ~

Things Uta bought :

My hair colour's going off , so i was thinking i should buy a hair dye soon. xD;;
Aww , liese's hair dyes looks so awesome that i can't resist buying.
So yeah ... there goes my allowance.
By the way , this is Liese's Marshmallow Brown ~

Gahh !! And this..  plumplus twin gloss <nudy beige> !!
As you can see , THIS IS SIMPLE ADORABLE !
Just look at the twin gloss.
They can be used as individuals or as a pair.
The super cute packaging caught my attention when i was shopping..
So... *O*

Lastly , this is canmake's lower lashes. (no. 21)
I wanted to get no. 20 too.. But i thought of all my lashes at home.
There's still .. like so much at home.
So my mum said not to buy so much ~

During the trip:

I saw this top that suit my mum so much , but she didnt really liked it because she don't really wear such clothing. *sigh*
I might need some time to convince her to buy that top. TTATT

Alrights , thats all for what happened to me today.
I really had fun going out with my mum.
(Its been some time... )

I sure hope i can get to go out soon , NEXT TIME.
To look at more sweets and cute stuff~~
(Bought tons of cute stuffs and sweets. Pffft)

Byebye ~~

Thursday, December 16, 2010

( ´∀`) う た blog ☆

Hello everyone , this is Uta .
I will be posting photos and tutorials about gyaru make up and stuff ~
Oh , I will be updating things that happens in my daily life ❤.

Let's start with an introduction of myself.
I became interested in gyaru stuff when i first watched a video on Funayama Kumiko.
And since then , i became a fan of Kumicky ~ =///////=
Kumicky's my personal favourite from Popteen magazine.
(Because she managed to get me interested in gyaru style)
Oh ! And Nana's really cute too . I can't stop stalking her.
So, basically , my make up is always based on Kumicky and Nana .
I might be doing tutorials here and though i'm not really that great in make up , i will still try to give everyone easy ways to doll yourself up.

Okay , first , i think the most important thing to capture a gyaru look , is to have a circle lens.
I get mine at :
Yeah , it makes your eye look really big and its very comfortable , and even though they are coloured lens , you will still be able to see everything normally.
(Some of the coloured lens blurs your vision)

Secondly , its the double eyelid.
If you ever notice , gyarus have perfect double eyelids.
But don't worry even if you don't have double eyelids , its alright.
For me , i have hidden double eyelids.
So i use eyelid glue (eye putti) and eyelid tape (which i cut myself).
If you do not know how to use eyelid glues , i will recommend you to use double eyelid tape.
It is really easy to use , but it requires skill to actually stick the tape at the right position.

Next up , is flawless skin.
For this to be achieved , you need to be bold in the foundation / powder usage.
I use the foundation first , before applying my counsealor . And then i will use my powder to mat it properly.
It requires a lot of work for the skin , but its all for the gyaru look.

And then , next would be the eyelashes.
I'm a really lazy person , so i don't really like to use mascara. So i will use my dollywink lashes everytime i go out.
I mean , its easier this way. And its a lot easier to remove the make up too.

Well , thats all for the basic gyaru look , i hadnt got the time to really to do up a tutorial so i wrote it down in words. xD;;
But i promise next time , i will put up pictures for the tutorials.

Now now ~
Its time for my own introduction.
As you can see , i'm really a big fan of gyaru style , so of course i would bleach my hair. *O*
Though its really outstanding here in my country , but yeah , i can't help it when i love gyaru style so much.
So for all the gyarus out there , it doesnt matter how other people look at you , what matters most is how you look at yourself.
Thats what keeps me going, even though some friends are like "your make up's too thick, blah blah blah"
Just ignore other's opinion , as i think everyone have their own unique taste , so just follow your own style.

There , this is all for my first post , i will post more things from my personal life and all , next time.
(And of course more photos ~ )

Oh right , you can find me at youtube or facebook if you've got any questions.
Link :
(I sing covers here)

Bye bye ~