Friday, December 17, 2010

( っ ' ▽ ' )つ Uta goes shopping with her mum ~

 Heya people , Uta's back with the blogging ~ ☆
So yeah , i went shopping with my mum today and i'm so glad i saw so many awesome clothes there.
I mean , yeah , i needa get a job soon !! ;A;
For the sake of all the pretty things i saw there.
*Currently obsessed with pink and cute stuff*

I mean , god , i saw the dollywink nail polish at the shop and so much canmake cosmestics there. *O*
I was so tempted to buy all of them !! ==;;;
But I didnt want to waste so much money.
(I don't even have a job , because of my hair colour)

For my make up this time round, its super easy ~

So , what i did was .... (I described the look in my previous post~ So i wont repeat.)
LOL ! How lazy can i get.
Aww , but yeah , i used dollywink lashes , for both upper and lower lashes.
Its awesome and its really comfortable.
You guys should really give it a try.
(All of dollywink's products makes me go KYAAA~)

I just love the lower lashes ~ It looks natural yet so sweet.

Mhmm , i was using my "Sweet Brown" circle lens here.
And to match my clothes , i used a purple and blue eyeshadow for a candy-like look. *O*
I mean usually , i do my make up base on the clothes i'm wearing.
So i will recommend you guys to wear the clothes first before doing your make up.

It makes things MUCH easier.             

So... this is my clothes ~

Things Uta bought :

My hair colour's going off , so i was thinking i should buy a hair dye soon. xD;;
Aww , liese's hair dyes looks so awesome that i can't resist buying.
So yeah ... there goes my allowance.
By the way , this is Liese's Marshmallow Brown ~

Gahh !! And this..  plumplus twin gloss <nudy beige> !!
As you can see , THIS IS SIMPLE ADORABLE !
Just look at the twin gloss.
They can be used as individuals or as a pair.
The super cute packaging caught my attention when i was shopping..
So... *O*

Lastly , this is canmake's lower lashes. (no. 21)
I wanted to get no. 20 too.. But i thought of all my lashes at home.
There's still .. like so much at home.
So my mum said not to buy so much ~

During the trip:

I saw this top that suit my mum so much , but she didnt really liked it because she don't really wear such clothing. *sigh*
I might need some time to convince her to buy that top. TTATT

Alrights , thats all for what happened to me today.
I really had fun going out with my mum.
(Its been some time... )

I sure hope i can get to go out soon , NEXT TIME.
To look at more sweets and cute stuff~~
(Bought tons of cute stuffs and sweets. Pffft)

Byebye ~~


  1. Your blog is so cute :) What country do you live in?

  2. Thank you so much !!
    You're so sweet to read my blog ! <3
    I live in Singapore currently , but i might be moving to Japan when i'm older ~ xDD