Monday, December 20, 2010

Dollywink inspired nails ✿

Heya people , today as i was checking my mails in my inbox , i saw this comment that a kind lady gave me.
And she gave lots of really useful comments on my make up and nails.
So yeah , she said that this video might probably be useful for me.
And after i watched it , i fell in love with the nail pattern ~ <3
Its a dollywink package inspired nail pattern.
But i might not do this nail first , because i just cut my nails recently. TT^TT
(Might have to wait for my nails to grow first)

So if you are using dollywink lashes , you might want to give this nail a try.
It looks really sweet to me.And it doesnt require much accessories.
(I cant almost find all the stuff i need in my house without buying anything else)

PS: I personally love the bow the best ~~ ❤

Then i happened to see this video in the "recommended videos"
LOL !!
Now i'm thinking of which to do ~
Hmm , maybe after i finish the nails , i will post up some photos on it . xDD



  1. aahh this is so cute ! i wanna try it ! thanks for those tutorials :)