Saturday, December 18, 2010

(´ー`) Uta's prom night

Alrights , so .. here's some of my photos during my prom night ~ <3

Thanks to the hairstylist natassja recommended me , i had a nice hairdo that night. *A*

Everyone looked so pretty , manz.. that was the best night with my schoolmates ~ <3

Pardon my unglam eating face. *O*

Spent the night at my friend's house.

The two best friends that i've ever had. <3

Here's my dress for the dinner ~
Really love the crystals on the dress and the necklace was a nice touch to it.
Overall , i think it matched the theme quite well.
(Glitter and glamorous)

Ohh !! And yeah !! I love the hairdo soo much.
Even when we prepare to go out to eat, i dont really have to change much things.
Just a change of clothes and hairdo , you can achieve a casual look too. <3

This is my nail for the night <3
Its very simple , because i'm not really a pro in doing nail art.

Pfft , i gotta love this photo ~ <3
Its just like the before and after photo. xDD;;
(Makeup makes wonder)

Whew , all these photos brings back memories ~
(The dinner's on 23rd nov)

PS: If you ever do happen to like my makeup for the dinner , do tell me ~
I can do a tutorial on it.
(Currently have no idea what kind of tutorials to do)

Tada ,

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