Thursday, December 16, 2010

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Hello everyone , this is Uta .
I will be posting photos and tutorials about gyaru make up and stuff ~
Oh , I will be updating things that happens in my daily life ❤.

Let's start with an introduction of myself.
I became interested in gyaru stuff when i first watched a video on Funayama Kumiko.
And since then , i became a fan of Kumicky ~ =///////=
Kumicky's my personal favourite from Popteen magazine.
(Because she managed to get me interested in gyaru style)
Oh ! And Nana's really cute too . I can't stop stalking her.
So, basically , my make up is always based on Kumicky and Nana .
I might be doing tutorials here and though i'm not really that great in make up , i will still try to give everyone easy ways to doll yourself up.

Okay , first , i think the most important thing to capture a gyaru look , is to have a circle lens.
I get mine at :
Yeah , it makes your eye look really big and its very comfortable , and even though they are coloured lens , you will still be able to see everything normally.
(Some of the coloured lens blurs your vision)

Secondly , its the double eyelid.
If you ever notice , gyarus have perfect double eyelids.
But don't worry even if you don't have double eyelids , its alright.
For me , i have hidden double eyelids.
So i use eyelid glue (eye putti) and eyelid tape (which i cut myself).
If you do not know how to use eyelid glues , i will recommend you to use double eyelid tape.
It is really easy to use , but it requires skill to actually stick the tape at the right position.

Next up , is flawless skin.
For this to be achieved , you need to be bold in the foundation / powder usage.
I use the foundation first , before applying my counsealor . And then i will use my powder to mat it properly.
It requires a lot of work for the skin , but its all for the gyaru look.

And then , next would be the eyelashes.
I'm a really lazy person , so i don't really like to use mascara. So i will use my dollywink lashes everytime i go out.
I mean , its easier this way. And its a lot easier to remove the make up too.

Well , thats all for the basic gyaru look , i hadnt got the time to really to do up a tutorial so i wrote it down in words. xD;;
But i promise next time , i will put up pictures for the tutorials.

Now now ~
Its time for my own introduction.
As you can see , i'm really a big fan of gyaru style , so of course i would bleach my hair. *O*
Though its really outstanding here in my country , but yeah , i can't help it when i love gyaru style so much.
So for all the gyarus out there , it doesnt matter how other people look at you , what matters most is how you look at yourself.
Thats what keeps me going, even though some friends are like "your make up's too thick, blah blah blah"
Just ignore other's opinion , as i think everyone have their own unique taste , so just follow your own style.

There , this is all for my first post , i will post more things from my personal life and all , next time.
(And of course more photos ~ )

Oh right , you can find me at youtube or facebook if you've got any questions.
Link :
(I sing covers here)

Bye bye ~

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