Thursday, December 23, 2010

New nails ★

Yays for new nails ~
Thanks to the video i was shown.
I was inspired to do a pink x black nail pattern.
And i think it looked pretty neat. (*´д`*)

Oh yeah the video tutorial's dollywink lashes packaging inspired.
So thats why i looks kinda like dollywink packaging. <3
It looks so adorable that i can't help but do it ~ xD
-even though my nail's not long yet- ( ´艸`)

If you love dollywink as much as me , i think you should totally try this nail out.
Its sure to look super cute after you finish ~

PS: I'm not really that great at doing nails ,
so .. pardon me if it doesnt suit your taste. m(_ _)m

I only did this nail because i'm celebrating Christmas tomorrow ~

I will also be doing another tutorial for my look tomorrow ~ xD
So look forward to it !!
(It might not be the best but... YEAH)

Byebye ~~


  1. Love your blog~ <3 Recently found it and it is so cute~

  2. cute blog ! i hope you'll update soon ^^