Saturday, December 18, 2010

( ´艸`) Christmas preparation

Recently i found this online photo editor , and i had fun editing my photos with it.
Will upload more photos that i edit <3

So yeah , i will be uploading two tutorials soon.
I decided on the themes "Christmas" & "Mickey" .
Because i will be having a Christmas party with my relatives, so i thought of doing one tutorial on that , since Christmas is nearing.
And for the "Mickey" theme , its because last time i bought this Mickey ear hair accessory.
Hadnt been able to use it , so i was thinking maybe i can do a tutorial based on Mickey ~ <3

For the past two days , i have been posting on "Everyday Gyaru LiveJournal"
Though i'm really new to that site , but everyone gives really sweet comments, so i will keep posting more on that site ~

And looking at other gyaru's makeup / styles/ clothings makes me really happy !! xD
I mean , all of them are so pretty ~

So.. yeah , oh , and for the Mickey tutorial , i will upload to my gyaru youtube channel ~ *w*bb

Youtube :

So , thats it for today ~ 8D



  1. youur too cute i saw your post on E_G! I had to follow